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Build better relationships with your customer.

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Tech Titan is a team of experts dedicated to helping businesses automate their processes and digitize their operations. We partner with some of the leading technology service providers, including Bitrix24, Zoho, Pipedrive and many others, to provide a comprehensive range of solutions to our clients.


Building better relationships with your customer.

Choose an online or in person meeting with your Customer Success Manager and your team to fully scope out your requirements and plan the implementation of your new system. From the information gathered at the meeting we provide a Statement of Work document for your perusal and approval.

Choose to use these hours to train your team or for custom implementation work. We will design training schedules that suit the needs of all users and our development team can implement the more technical requirements that you have.

Our support contract allows your admins to make unlimited ‘how to’ requests and report bugs to your dedicated Customer Success Manager in addition to pre-paid training and setup hours. Contact channels include phone, email, ticket and in person and we provide assistance under SLA terms that minimize interruptions to your system.

Our Technology Partners


Bitrix24 is an online workspace for small, medium, and large businesses. It features over 35 cross-integrated tools, including CRM, tasks, Kanban board, Gantt chart, messenger, video calls, file storage, workflow automation, and more!

  • Bitrix24 is a collaboration software with complete tools for management, collaboration, and communication.
  • Bitrix24 gives you a unified platform for your files, projects, messages, tasks, and contacts.
  • You can immediately use the platform by simply registering for an account and then inviting your colleagues.


Zoho Corporation is an Indian multinational technology company that makes computer software and web-based business tools. It is best known for the online office suite offering Zoho Office Suite.

  • At Zoho, we create beautiful software to solve business problems.
  • We believe that software is the ultimate product of the mind and the hands.
  • But as much as we love building beautiful software, we think our people and company culture are our most important assets.


Pipedrive is a cloud-based software as a service company. It is the developer of the web application and mobile app Pipedrive, a sales customer relationship management tool.

  • Pipedrive is a web-based Sales CRM and pipeline management solution that enables businesses to plan their sales activities and monitor deals.
  • Built using activity-based selling methodology, Pipedrive streamlines every action involved in converting a potential deal into a successful sale.


Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian multinational technology company, that provides enterprise resource planning software. It is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. The company reports that its software is used by more than 7 million customers.

  • automate
  • integrate all your business operations
  • purchasing, finance, sales, inventory, manufacturing.


Monday.com is a cloud-based platform that allows users to create their own applications and project management software.

  • Monday's sales CRM is a highly customizable customer relationship management (CRM) platform
  • collaborative, analytical, and operational.


ChatApp combines popular messengers and the benefits of CRM automation for fast and effective communication with your target audience and real customers.

  • Send messages to customers from CRM by phone number: tell about promotions and updates
  • Set up automatic answers, automatically create groups and invite clients from CRM
  • When all operators are busy, a bot will send quick responses. Bot trains itself from operators dialogs


Sales reps text in WhatsApp directly from CRM

  • A sales rep sees only their own chats, the leader sees everyone’s chat history
  • Contacts and deals for new clients are created automatically
  • Chat history is stored in CRM
  • Routine messages are sent automatically


Vtiger all-in-one CRM empowers you to align your marketing, sales and support teams with unified customer data powered by One View. CRM made easy.

  • Build your pipeline
  • Sell faster
  • Delight customers

Our Services

BITRIX24 CRM solutions, the only business software you'll need.


Online collaboration tools are apps, software programs, or platforms that help businesses and their people streamline the creative process, and work together more effectively, and efficiently.


The CRM provides a platform to organise and track interaction with potential or existing clients, partners, agents and other contacts. All new events including phone calls, messages and meetings, are connected with a contact or company and related quote and deal records.

Task and project

Extensive organisational and collaboration features which enhance efficiency at the personal and team levels. Tasks can be created for yourself only or assigned to a colleague or group. Collaborate through chat at task and group level, set deadlines and view the teams progress in Kanban and Gantt charts.

Contact Centre

Nothing is faster than real time communications and these all tools are built into your system including instant messaging, voice & video calls, group chat and conferencing. Hold a video call with up to 24 people, share screens and swop files live on the call.

Sites and stores

Branded extranet portals for sales, support or team collaboration. Work on tasks and documents, share calendars events, discuss sales opportunities and chat by messenger, voice or video conferencing.

HR & Automation

If your employees need to ask for leave, submit expenses, request technical assistance or put a purchase request in, they can do it with Workflows. All Workflow updates are posted to your assignments page for your approval or input and notifications are visible in the activity stream, and via the mobile app.

Meet CRM. Simplified.

An all-in-one CRM solution that’s been designed for small and medium businesses. We’re the first to simplify CRM and make it easy – no matter what size your business is, we’ve got you covered

Features you can rely on

What’s good for your business should also be great for your employees. TitanTech offers unlimited customization so that you can tailor the system to suit your needs, not just finance needs or HR needs, but everything from sales to marketing too.

Stay ahead of curve

We’re committed to delivering cutting-edge technology to customers around the world. Our infrastructure will help you grow faster with hassle-free provisioning, fast deployments, and scaling to any size. With global data centers built by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform, our infrastructure can be operated from anywhere in the world at any time. You’ll get support from titantech’s experienced engineers and have peace of mind knowing your business data is safe.

Anurag Yadav

(Co-Founder & Director), India

Our business has found an invaluable partnership with Tech Titan. With their team of skilled and professional experts just a phone call or email away, we have the peace of mind to focus on our daily activities, confident that any issues will be promptly resolved.

Mohammad Hafiz

(Chief Operating Consultant), UAE

Although I am a new user of Bitrix24, I thoroughly researched and utilized the trial version for several weeks before subscribing. I found that the platform was both user-friendly and met my needs for managing projects, customer relationships, and data. With seamless integration to leading social media tools, it provides a comprehensive solution for marketing and promotion.

Alexander Gray

(Director), USA

Our company thoroughly evaluated six global firms before selecting Tech Titan to handle our CRM customization, and we couldn't be more pleased with their work. Their team is highly attentive, friendly, and responsive to our business needs. For any company seeking Bitrix24 customization services, we highly recommend Tech Titan. Well done, and we are happy to serve as a reference for their exceptional work!

Frequently Asked Questions

Bitrix24 Cloud version is SaaS, it is rented by our users. It is deployed, hosted and maintained by Bitrix Inc. in the Cloud. You can use your Bitrix24 account with a free subscription, or with a paid plan. Please see our plans and tariffs page. Bitrix24 Self-hosted version is licensed on “per-user basis”. By default, each commercial license key includes 25 intranet users which can be extended by additional user coupons. It is fully customizable (color schemes, layout, menu items, header, footer, etc.) and provided with the full source code. It can be deployed and hosted by the end-user or by a Bitrix Partners.

Bitrix24 prices range from free to $199 per month. All subscription plans offer tools for uploading, organizing, and sharing files that range from 5GB to unlimited online storage space. You can also extend your online storage for selected subscription plans, or purchase an additional 12-user pack for your free subscription plan. Please see our plans and tariffs page. The Free subscription plan allows you to create up to 12 user accounts, whereas the commercial subscription plans (Standard and Professional) allows you to create and manage an unlimited number of users in your Bitrix24 social intranet. There are no limits on the number of tasks and projects you and your colleagues collaborate on in your Bitrix24, however, the commercial subscription plans (Standard and Professional) include additional communication and collaboration tools that are absent in the Free subscription plan. Please see our plans and tariffs page.

Educational, healthcare, and other not-for-profit organizations are eligible for a discount of 15%. To request a discount, please send a scanned copy of a request on company letterhead to sales@bitrix24.com or using the contact form. Indicate the service plan desired, the full name of the organization, and a scan of a document confirming the non-profit status of the organization. If your company is eligible, a coupon will be sent to you which can be applied to the purchase in the online payment system. Other discounts may not be applied unless specifically stated. Please note that this discount option is available for 6- or 12-month Cloud subscription plans or Self-hosted version.

Yes and no. Bitrix24 Cloud is available in three subscriptions plans free (no fees), Standard (paid), and Professional (paid). There are no fees explicit or hidden when using the Free subscription plan. There are no additional or hidden fees for commercial plans, which means there will be no charges above your monthly payments if you use Bitrix24 with Standard or Professional subscription plans. There are, however, optional payments for your free or commercial subscription plans (e.g. VOIP / web telephony credits, SIP-connectors, additional online storage). Please see our plans and tariffs page.

Paid plans devolve to the free plan according to the process described above. If an instance of Bitrix24 on a free plan (either converted to a free plan or originally on a free plan) is completely inactive over the course of 30 days, it is ‘archived’, and it can be retrieved only by an administrator account (yourself or a user in the instance with administrator rights). To retrieve the account, an administrator simply needs to log in. If no administrator logs in for another 15 days after the instance has been ‘archived’, the Bitrix24 instance will be deleted.

Bitrix24 Cloud is free, and not just for 30 days! However, when you decide to try out paid features and tools available in Bitrix24, you can activate your 30-day demo version (log in to your Bitrix24 Account, then go to Settings > Subscription > [activate demo]). When the 30-day demo period expires, you can either switch to one of the commercial subscription plans (Standard $99/mo or Professional $199/mo) or continue using your Bitrix24 account with a free subscription for up to 12 users. Bitrix24 Self-Hosted version is also available as a free 30-day trial version for installing the product locally or on a remote web server. If you choose to go commercial during the 30-day evaluation period, you can simply purchase a license key and use it to switch your trial product copy to a commercial one. No data will be lost, no time will be wasted for installing the product anew!You can download your Bitrix24 Self-Hosted trial version here.

If you plan to extend your Cloud subscription for another 1, 6, or 12 months, you should do so before the end of your current subscription period. After your current subscription plan ends, you have a grace period of 15 days to work without limitation. If you do not renew your subscription, then your Bitrix24 account will be rolled back to the free subscription plan, with a 5 GB online storage limit and functionality corresponding to the free plan. If the amount of data in your Bitrix24 instance exceeds 5 GB, then after the grace period mentioned above, data will be accessible only for reading and deleting. You will not be able to load new files, tasks, input data into the CRM, or perform other actions until the data is below the 5 GB limit. As soon as the amount of data is below 5GB, all the functionality of the free plan will be engaged, and use of the free version can continue indefinitely. Also, the free subscription plan allows you to create and manage up to 12 intranet users. All users exceeding this number will not have access to your Bitrix24 account if used with the free subscription plan. If no user authorizes over the course of one month after the 15-day grace period, your Bitrix24 account will be ‘archived’, and can be opened only by having an administrator (an employee of your company with administrator rights in your Bitrix24 instance) log in. If no administrator logs in over the course of another 15 days after the account has been ‘archived’, the Bitrix24 instance will be deleted.

You can upgrade from any subscription plan to any subscription plan at any time. To upgrade your Bitrix24, please select one of the options in your Bitrix24 settings. Provided that you have appropriate administrative rights, you can upgrade or downgrade your Bitrix24, please navigate to the left-side menu in your Bitrix24 account > Settings > Subscription > (you should be logged in as the account owner). You can also get in touch with a Bitrix24 representative or a Bitrix Partner to have your current subscription plan changed according to your needs.

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